Need A Prefab for your game??? We Got Em! 

Here is a list of free prefabs.

Main Menu Prefab

cost: free

This is my first prefab. I think it will come in handy for any game. it has buttons that turn green when your mouse hovers over it and all kinds of cool stuff! 


Color Changer

Ever played De Blob? This is what its like. see the video for more info
I like this one because you can creat any type of color on the click of a button.

New! UnityIphone Platformer Game!

Do you have unityIphone? Then this is the prefab for you!

comes with:

2 characters

Basic Patform Movement And scripts.

Cool Level Layout.

And lots of textures!

PS (the project is called nintendo game. You can change that. Thats an old name)

Get it for free here: